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Girl Friday

Girl Friday Montage

She's suffering from permanent Mondayitis; has a crush on a guy who doesn’t know she exists and is a stickler for returning DVDs on time – she’s Girl Friday, the “I’ll try anything once” gal and the main character of Australia’s newest comedy series.

The show follows the life of the funny, irreverent and sometimes bumbling adventures of our eponymous heroine; her she-devil boss and her best mates. It’s not only hilarious but it’s been made specially for the small screen and is currently only available on Telstra Next G mobiles.

So, if you want to be ahead of the pack and get the latest and greatest comedy series (that’d be Girl Friday) get your hands on a Telstra mobile – you’ll laugh your pants off.

Girl Friday’s not like any of your normal TV shows - the story doesn’t stop when the credits roll. Why don’t you check out the sneak peek section (yep, top left button) and you’ll see how much more we have installed for you. If you like what you see, register for the full Season 1 experience coming in September 2007.