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Services For Attorneys

In addition to the many environmental services offered by Aqua-Tech, we are familiar with the environmental support services often required by legal counsel. These include investigative and interpretive consulting, monitoring and inspecting the work of others, sampling and evidence handling, chain of custody documentation, and expert witness services.

Aqua-Tech's senior staff are familiar with and comfortable with the courtroom setting and deposition processes. They have participated in procedures ranging from water rights, water supply and property condemnation to facility siting concerns and other environmental issues.

Our personnel have provided support in public hearings, and have assisted clients with permitting matters before the approprlate commissions at both state and local levels. One of our more senior staff members, Mr. Clem Lay, served as the industry representative on the Michigan Water Resources Commission for fifteen years and was the Commission's Chairman during 1993. Mr. Lay was appointed by the Senate leadership to represent business on the Act 307 Citizens' Review Board.

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